Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wedding, Friends, and Haircut

The other day I decided to put on my old flower girl dress and play "wedding" with Hayden. I even go the pirate jacket from my dress up clothes for him to wear.
You may kiss the bride! HeeHee!
I even made an aisle with the flower petals that kept falling out of
my dress.
Yesterday we went to Visit Aubrey and Maddox (and their Mommy and Daddy). It was a nice day so we played outside a lot and even played in the little inflatable pool. The big pool wasn't quite ready yet.
We all took turns sliding into the pool.
Hayden and Maddox.
Hayden! That face! Hahaha!
Best friends!
We had popsicle for dessert.
Note: Red popsicles and two year old boys do not mix well.
What a mess!
Today Mama took Hayden to get a haircut. It was time for a summer cut.

Cheese! The hairstylist put some gel in Hayden's hair.

Mama decided to clean the water table to get it ready for summer.
Hayden and I decided to clean Pluto and Marshall. Haha!
Laying in the sunshine and waiting for Pluto and Marshall to dry.
Hi, Mama!
 Summer is quickly approaching and the weather is getting nicer. We are looking forward to spending lot of time outside. Sending hugs and kisses to all!

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