Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Preschool Graduation

Today was my last day of school and we had a graduation ceremony. Unfortunately Mama and Daddy could not come because they had to be at school to administer the End of Grade tests. I told them it was okay and told them I would sing all of the songs for them. I am so happy that BeBe and Pappy were able to come. Pappy took lots of pictures and Mama is very thankful for that. Here are lots of pictures and videos from today.......
Last day of preschool picture.
Selfie with Mama before she left for work.
Ready for my last day of preschool.
Hayden is such a goof!
Waiting patiently.
A picture with my teachers, Ms. Kerry and Ms. Peg.
I am going to miss them very much!
Pappy kept Hayden busy on the playground while they waited
for the ceremony to begin.

Hayden and Pappy selfie.

Ready to sing our songs.

Ready to go in our caps and gowns.
BeBe and me.
Celebration cupcake!


Hayden enjoyed the frosting.
This is Hayden's "cheese" face. Hahaha!
We made these awesome shirts at school.

 Here are lots of videos from today:
It was a very exciting and fun day today. Tomorrow Mallory and Logan (and of course Aunt Mica and  Uncle Dave) are coming. I am looking forward to spending time with them.

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