Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Third Kid Spartan Run

Today I did my third kid Spartan run. I had a great time except I didn't like the mud again! I was going to try and be brave but there is something about that cold water that I just don't like. There were a lot of obstacles I did enjoy though. My favorite was the "wall I could climb by myself".
Here are pictures from my race:
Ready to go!

Pappy and me.

I'm way in the back. I don't think you can even see me.
There I am in the green shirt.

Waiting my turn to go.

These walls were my favorite.

Crawling under the "barbed wire"

More obstacles.

Daddy helped me through the mud.

This was a new obstacle this year.

Spear toss.

I was really good at balancing.

The finish line!

Getting my medal.

3 generations picture.

A picture with Mama.

Every year we take a picture in front of this wall.



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