Saturday, April 2, 2016

Farewells, Phipps, and Friends

On Thursday Michelle, Kai, and Nora flew back to Germany. It was a tearful goodbye but we are so glad that we got to see them and spend some time with them! We miss you so much!
We somehow managed to get a decent cousin picture!
At the airport.
The statue was cool, however we weren't really in the
mood to get our picture taken. Haha!
We all enjoyed the elevator ride.
Kai and Hayden were best buds!
Bye, Nora!
After we went to the airport, we decided to stop by Phipps Conservatory and see the flowers. Oma has a season pass so we were able to go in for just a little bit. Good thing, because that brother of mine has definitely reached his "terrible twos" stage and he wasn't really in the mood to look at flowers and get his picture taken. Here are the pictures that Mama took.
Yup, that pictures pretty much sums up how Hayden was
the whole time.
Hayden did like the interactive garden outside.
The buttons made the fountains work.
Hayden did like looking at the fish.
The Desert Room
On Friday Oma treated us to Breakfast at Eat'N'Park and later Mama's friends, Toni and Tara, came over for their annual Spring Break visit and picture. I had fun playing with Dani and Reagan.
Yup! Mama takes tantrum pictures too.
This was after he wouldn't listen in Target and kept running
down the aisle. Mama took off his new shoes and took him
to the car while Oma paid. Hayden kept saying
Annual Spring Break picture. We missed you JaLaya!
A little recap. We are missing last year's picture because Tara was sick.
Decorating cookies.
I was very precise about my decorations.
Hayden decided to eat sprinkles by the spoonful! Ha!
Cheers to a great break!
Playing with Mama's old toys.
Goofy Hayden
Mean face!
Today we came home. We had a great time at Oma and Opa's but I was very happy to see Daddy!
Ready to go!
Hayden aka Chase

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