Sunday, March 6, 2016

Daddy/Daughter Date Day

I am one lucky little girl! Yesterday I had fun Daddy/Daughter Date Day! Daddy took me out to lunch and then we went to see the new movie Zootopia. Afterwards, Daddy took me to Build a Bear and I got to make a new Chewy! We even made a Darth Vader bear for Hayden. It was an awesome day!
Enjoying lunch with Daddy.
Selfie at the movie theater.
Ready to put some stuffing in Darth Vader.
We picked up pizza to take home for dinner.
Chewy and me.
Mama made a photo collage of our day.
Here are also the latest updates....
Out to lunch last weekend. Mama got new running shoes
and we left Hayden with BeBe and Pappy while we ran
some errands.
Another food picture. Haha! We were eating travel pasta
shaped like cars,  planes, and trains.
For some reason I insisted on taking a silly face picture. Hee Hee!
Hayden likes to walk now instead of sit in his stroller.
Enjoying some nice weather at the playground.
That's Hayden's "cheese" face. Haha!
Hayden concentrating on his puzzle at the doctor's office.
He went in so that the doctor could check out his cough
and a diaper rash....nothing major to worry about.
I lost my third tooth on Thursday...3/3
Mama and Daddy bought me this cool container to put my tooth in so that
the tooth fairy can find my teeth easily.
Hayden and I had a camp out in the living room.
He is such a goof!
This is Hayden's pout face. Mama said no to a
SECOND bag of fruit snacks.
I still love my grits.....
.....and so does Hayden!
That face!
Today we enjoyed the nice weather and went to the
White Water Center.
We liked watching the people on the zip line.
The rock wall is always fun.
We had a great weekend! Sending hugs and kisses to all!

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