Sunday, March 20, 2016

Busy Weekend with Cousins

We had a fun and busy weekend. Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory and Logan were passing through on their way to Florida for the week so they came over for dinner yesterday. BeBe and Pappy came over too and so did Nina and her Mommy and Daddy. We had lots of fun playing and Mama event had a fun painting activity planned for us. This blogs contains LOTS of pictures. Be prepared to keeping scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. HeeHee!
Here I am wearing my spy glasses.

Mama download an app called "Color Pop" and is
having lots of fun with it.

Hayden being silly as always.
What a goof! He is sitting inside of his race track.
The best part about making dessert is licking the batter.
Enjoying dinner with family.
Logan and Hayden.
Painting time.
We used Q-tips to make Cherry Blossom Trees.
I made lots of blossoms.
Painting is so much fun!
We all had fun and made the trees completely on our own (minus the
handprint trunk. Mama helped with that). Hayden's creation is in the
bottom left hand corner of this picture.
Time for dessert.
Hayden decided that he wanted to sit in his highchair.
He hasn't done that in a really long time. Haha!
Mallory got to spend the night.
Cheese! Hayden is standing on some kind of weight
thing that Otto brought. You are supposed to pick that
up with one hand!
Goodnight and sweet dreams!
Today we went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. They had a special event this weekend and Peter Rabbit and all of the other characters were there. Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory, and Logan ended up meeting us there before they headed south for their Spring Break. Daddy stayed home and did some yard work. We have had gorgeous weather and it was time to cut the grass. It was chilly today though but we still had fun at the gardens.
Here comes Peter Cottontail....hopping down the bunny trail!

There was face painting there.
Hayden and I both got Easter Eggs.
There were lots of games to play.
This one was the egg toss.
Making a carrot craft.
We made maracas with plastic spoons and plastic
Easter Eggs.
We got another picture with Peter Cottontail.
Logan wasn't too sure about him.
We painted eggs with pompoms.
Running under the water is always fun!

There were so many pretty flowers.
We listened to the story of Peter Rabbit.
Phew! That was tiring!
And here are just a few more random pictures from last week.

We went to the White Water Center and Mama decided
to have some fun taking pictures.

Snuggling in Mama and Daddy's bed.
You made it to the end of a very long blog! Yay!

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