Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mount Washington and Other Fun Adventures

Today we went to Mount Washington to ride the incline and take pictures. The weather was beautiful and we got some good pictures despite the fact that one of us four kids always seemed to not be in the mood to get our picture taken. Haha!
An attempt to get a picture with Oma and Opa.
Waiting for the incline.
Checking out the view.
Hayden wasn't too sure about the incline.
A final attempt at a picture with Oma and Opa.
Here are more pictures from yesterday and today....
I've been sleeping in the tent with Oma and Kai.
Mama and Aunt Michelle found some Easter deals on Monday.
We got crafty with Mama and made a tree for each season.
It just so happens that each of us was born in a different season
and it worked out perfectly!
Tara and Reagan came over to play.
Aunt Donna came over.
Hayden loves his Pluto!
We just wanted to take a picture in front of this
pretty tree.
Being silly on the slide.
We've had a fun few days hanging out with Kai and Nora. We will be very sad when they fly back to Germany tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Fun with Cousins

We had a great time celebrating Easter with all of our cousins! Mallory and Logan stopped by again on their way home from their trip to Florida. I spent all day Saturday at BeBe and Pappy's and we had lots of fun dying Easter eggs, playing, and hunting for eggs.
Mallory and me.
We tried to get a cousin picture but Logan didn't want to. HeeHee!
Hayden wasted no time opening up his eggs and
eating the chocolate inside.
Checking out the Easter baskets.
Hayden checking out his Easter basket.
An attempt at a cousin picture.
Decorating Easter cookies.
So much fun!
Taste testing.
My finished cookie.
On Easter Sunday we woke up and found our Easter baskets on the table. We also had to find Easter eggs around the living room. Unfortunately Hayden was cranky and we didn't get too many pictures and we didn't get a family Easter picture.
Checking out my Easter basket.
The Easter Bunny left foot prints on the table.
Looking for Easter eggs.
 H is for Hayden!
After breakfast Mama, Hayden, and I headed to Pennsylvania to see Oma and Opa AND Aunt Michelle, Kai, and Nora!
Ready to go!
There were more Easter baskets!
Getting ready for ANOTHER egg hunt!
Hayden and Opa.
Comparing baskets.
Looking for more eggs.
An attempted picture with Oma and Opa
Checking out all of our goodies.
Silly Hayden eating his chocolate.
Easter dinner
Getting squeaky clean!
A special ice cream treat before bed.
Stay tuned for more pictures!