Sunday, February 28, 2016

Haircut and White Water Fun

Yesterday Mama finally decided that it was time for another haircut. We went to Snip Its and enjoyed a morning together. Ayla and Daddy stayed home and then went to breakfast together at the diner.
Here I am with my crazy hair in the morning.

So relaxed while getting my hair cut.

Who is that handsome boy in the mirror?

Should I get a Mohawk?

Ohhh! That tickles!

Really, Mama? You want another picture?


Here is Ayla at breakfast with Daddy. Yummy!

We decided to meet the Ottos at the White Water center for dinner. It was a nice day so we walked around for a little bit and enjoyed playing on the kid rock wall.
Best friends.

"Look, Nina. There's an airplane."

Just hanging out.

Nina was there to help me up. Although I was pretty
fearless and made it all the way up by myself.

Ayla loves to climb too.

Silly goofs!

We had so much fun!

Family picture time.

Here are also some of the latest random pictures from Mama's phone.
This was taken on Valentine's Day.

Selfie with Mama and we are showcasing our true
personalities. HeeHee!

Crazy hair in the morning.


Let's dig right into this donut!

I don't need hands to drink my milk. Haha!

I'm such a goof!!

I love to help Mama bake.

We had friends over to celebrate Daddy's birthday.

We even sang Happy Birthday to Daddy and Otto (there birthdays are close


Just taking a ride on my school bus. Hahaha!

I decided to give myself a Harry Potter scar.
Nobody has a clue where the scratch came from.

What do you think? Pretty close, right?

Mama took a video of me at the hair cutting place. You always get a prize after your hair cut.

Sending hugs and kisses to all!!

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