Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Little (A LOT) Behind....

Whoopsie.....we got behind on the blog! Way behind! Here are the latest pictures from, oh, the past month or so! We promise to be better!
Snow Day breakfast. Just Mama and me!
The boys were upstairs.
Crazy boy in the tub!
Hayden showcasing his silly personality.
We had 3 Snow Days in January. On the one day we made
a cookie cake.
It was the first time that Hayden was allowed to help
and he was fascinated!
Time to lick the batter.
I shared with Hayden.
Our cookie cake.
Hayden fell asleep on the floor in the living room.
Silly Selfie!
I have been enjoying quesadillas!
Hayden selfie!
Oh! That face!
We checked in on Nana while BeBe and Pappy went
to Charleston for a quick trip away.
Hayden and the silly quacking duck that Mama bought
a long time ago.
Learning shapes with Nana.
Lunch date with Nana.
Daddy bought us Happy Meals and we got Batman glasses.
We enjoyed ice cream sandwiches with Nana for a special snack.
I have been doing a lot of walking with Mama. We go
all the way to the front of the neighborhood.
Her FitBit fell apart and they sent her a new one. She glued
her old one together and is letting me wear it. Check out
how many steps I got one day!
Hayden loves his "Siddy".
A boy and his dog.
One day when Mama picked us up after work Hayden
tried biting me while at BeBe and Pappy's. Mama
promptly put him in his time out chair.....
....he was not happy!
Oh my!
He even kept it up when Mama put him in the car.
He was all better by the time we got home and was
busy making faces at himself on Mama's phone.
Just hanging out in the toy box.
He is so mischievous.
Ummm....I guess that guarantees Hayden the last couple
of goldfish in the bag! Ha!
Hayden loves his dog Marshall from Paw Patrol.
Hello, close up!
Quesadillas again!
Hayden likes to eat his chicken tacos with Veggie Chips.
Yup! Another pouting picture. Hayden did not want to go to bed.
Being silly with the little Valentine's balloons that Oma
and Opa sent us.
Mama ran (and walked) her first 5K yesterday and the
White Water Center.
Mama and Daddy "plunged" into the water after the race. Mama went in up
to her was cold!!
Having fun at Nina's birthday party.
We played "Pin the Nose on Olaf".
Hayden enjoyed the cake but he especially enjoyed
the ice cream.
We went to the Flying Saucer for dinner. We haven't been there in a long time!
Mama made a joke about how times have changed. We are coloring on the list of
beers NOT tasted. This used to be the length of Mama and Daddy's TASTED beers.
Hee Hee!
The kids were kept occupied by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Thank goodness for free wifi and youtube!
Here are also some of the latest videos that Mama took on her phone....
The first video is of Hayden going into his room for the first time to see his new Mickey Mouse bedding. Apparently he did not want to be taped. Haha!


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