Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Mama and Daddy had a little getaway vacation. They went to Gatlinburg for two nights which meant that Hayden and I had our own vacation at BeBe and Pappy's house. Here are the pictures that they sent Mama and Daddy while they were away.
Enjoying breakfast!
Hayden got to play with the cars in Pappy's room.
He also got to try on his hats.

Computer time and cleaning.

Hayden fell asleep on the floor instead of in the bed.

Here are pictures from Mama and Daddy's trip.....
Mama and Daddy (and Andy and Lindsey) did a
"Captured Alive" experience.
They had an hour to find clues that would help them escape the room.
They escaped (with some help) and got T-shirts.
They checked out the Paula Deen store.
They also sampled some "Moonshine".
This is the resort where they stayed.
The daddies stayed at the resort and watched football on Sunday.
The Mamas took the trollie into town.
The town still had all of their Christmas decorations up.
Gatlinburg (from the top of the Space Needle)
This was the water park at the resort. Maybe Mama and
Daddy will take Hayden and me next time!
Here are also the latest pictures....
Mama got spoiled on her birthday.
Hayden got a new Mickey Mouse hat.
Hayden's Mickey Mouse duvet cover came in the mail so now his big
boy bed is officially ready!
There is still room to play in his room.
Happy boy!
Fun with Sidney!
Hayden and Mama snuggles in his big bed.
Mama and me
Mama and Daddy didn't have to go to school today because they had a Snow Day. We played in the snow earlier and are enjoying our day off together. We'll post Snow Day pictures in a separate blog. Sending hugs and kisses to all!!

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