Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day

Yesterday we had a Snow Day and Mama and Daddy stayed home with us! Even though there was not a lot of snow, we still had fun going outside and playing in it.
Ayla in the snow.
What is this stuff?
Hanging out with Marshall in the snow.
Picture with Mama.
Ayla and Daddy.
Let me try to mow the lawn. HeeHee!
Family selfie.
Snuggles with Mama on the couch.
The snow was still there today so we played in it some more.

Mama and Ayla.

Hi! want me to lay down in the snow?

Like this?

Ayla loves to make snow angels.

My footprints in the snow.

Sibling love.

Selfie time.

Ayla enjoyed some hot chocolate.

Snuggling with Sidney in front of the fire.

Phew! Snow days are exhausting!

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