Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two Santa Sightings and Lots of Lights

On Monday we decided to head up to the mall to visit Santa. We haven't had much luck with Santa pictures in the past (be sure to check previous posts for some fantastic crying on Santa's lap pictures). However, this year I met Santa at preschool and learned that he's actually a pretty cool guy! I only touched his arm at school but I told Mama and Daddy that I was ready to sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas. This year's wish list is: The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Station and the "hard" Skye (from Paw Patrol). St. Nikolaus brought me the soft stuffed animal Skye but the one that I want from Santa is plastic and her wings pop out. Here are pictures from our visit at the mall.
Waiting in line.
A picture with the reindeer.
Our first non-crying Santa picture!
We stopped at Best Buy and I had to have
my picture taken with Chewbacca.
Daddy recently introduced me to Star Wars
and I love it!
Later that night we drove to Kannapolis to see their lights. One of Daddy's co-workers told him about this because there is a train that you can ride through the light display. It was really cool!
While waiting for the train, Mama took a picture of it.
We also got to see a juggler.
He was so funny and I loved watching him.
Mama tried taking a selfie with Hayden.
Apparently he was not in the mood! Haha!
This inspired Mama to do a side by side with Daddy. Hahaha!
Hayden wasn't sure what to think of the train ride at first.
I got to sit with Daddy!
Daddy and I took a selfie too!
Some of the lights.

Would you believe that we got to see Santa again?
Mama took two videos. One from the view on the train and another one of me telling Santa what I want for Christmas. You can hear my saying the "hard" Skye and then Santa asking me about all of the other dogs from the show Paw Patrol. Santa sure knows his toys!


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