Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy St. Nikolaus and Haircuts

This morning I got up very excited to see what St. Nikolaus had left for us. Hayden and I left our slippers on the windowsill and they were filled with chocolate this morning! When we got downstairs there were two gifts on the table for us.
Let's see what's inside.
It was Skye from Paw Patrol.
Hayden got Marshall from Paw Patrol.
Hayden's crazy hair picture inspired Mama to go get us haircuts. He had some crazy Bed Head and it was hard to tame back down today. Haha! Mama decided that we should both get haircuts and took us to Snip Its.
Not the best "before" picture but here it is.
My hair was getting so long!

Haha! Look at that crazy hair!
Hayden was a good boy during his haircut.

Getting ready for my haircut.
We decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.
Hayden is thinking "Hey! Where did my hair go?!?"
Who is that handsome boy in Mama's phone?
Hayden stayed occupied with a lollipop while I got my haircut.
Time to style my hair.
I donated 10 1/2 inches!
Hayden's before and after pictures.
The back of my hair.
Here are also the latest pictures...

This was on December 1st.
We were excited to see what was in our advent calendar.
Where is number one?
Mmm! Chocolate.
Hayden wore Daddy's sweater from when he was a little boy.
They are basically twins with different hair color.
Daddy's "mini me"

Mama left Hayden alone to use the bathroom and this
He's a wild boy!
No fear!
What Mama? This isn't how I am supposed to play?
I've been pretending to be a baker a lot lately.
Hayden wanted an apron too.
Mama found Christmas noodles at Aldi.
We also got really cool video messages from Santa. Mama can't figure out how to save it to share on the blog but we were Skyping with Oma and Opa while we watched them. Oma took a video of us on her phone. If you listen closely, you can hear Santa talking to us.

P.S. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Petra! HDGDL!!

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