Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Performance

Today was my Christmas performance at school. I was so lucky to have both sets of grandparents and Mama and Daddy there. Hayden was there too, of course, but he's a little wiggle worm and Daddy had to take him to the back of the church and watch the show from back there. Mama got some close up videos though and some pictures.
Ready to go!
Hayden stayed occupied for a little bit with food.
Getting ready to sing.
A picture with my best best friend Vihan.
Family picture.
Mia and her cousin.
Here are the videos from the performance.....
Mama thought she was taking a picture and accidently took a video of us bowing in the slow motion video setting.....

Pappy took Hayden outside to play before the performance even started. You would think that he could have sat through a show but he has too much energy! Here are two videos that Pappy took....

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