Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve

We had a nice Christmas Eve. First, Mama, BeBe and Pappy and I went to church where I go to preschool. They had a special service just for kids. When we go there every child got to pick a part of the nativity scene and during the service all of the kids went up to the front to make a live nativity. I was an Angel. At the end, everyone got a glow stick (instead of a candle) to make it a "Candle Light Service". Mama was able to get a few pictures.

*A side note story: Hayden learned how to climb out of his crib on this day. Mama put him down for a late nap so that he would be sleeping while we were at church. We decided it was best for Daddy and Hayden to stay home. Hayden had a different agenda on his mind and when BeBe and Pappy came over to take us to church, all of a sudden he was DOWNSTAIRS! He then proceeded to give Daddy a hard time about nap time (since he learned he doesn't have to stay in his crib). He finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got home from church.
Do you see me?
Hayden is ready to eat!
Merry Christmas, Nana!
Hayden got the hang of opening presents really quickly.
I did too!
Checking out Hayden's books.
I got Nana a special puzzle.
We worked on it together.
Hayden wanted to help too.
All done!
Isn't that a cool puzzle?
Family picture time.
Mama and Hayden.
Mama and me.
Daddy got me "Chewy".
Hayden kept sneaking cookies.
Enjoying our new books and toys.
Mama only took one video because the storage on her phone was full and she had to keep deleting pictures/videos so that she was able to take more. She cleaned up her phone since, so stay tuned for lots more pictures and videos.

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