Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bounce House Fun with Nina

On Sunday we went to visit Nina and her Mommy and Daddy. While the Daddies were hanging out, Mama and Michele decided to take the kids to a bounce house nearby. It was super fun and I had a great time! I was pretty much able to do everything on my own except for the big slide. Poor Mama had to climb up that thing with me 12+ times! Here are some pictures and videos from the bounce house....
I don't have time to stop for a picture!
Going through the obstacles.
Look at Ayla go!
I sure was ready to try!
Those slides were so fast that the picture is blurry!
There was one bounce house where you could play basketball.
Can I make it?
The best picture that Mama could get of the three of us.
We didn't want to stop and get our picture taken. There was too much to do!
Hey Ayla....
...wait for me!
Ayla and Nina.
Cheese! Just hanging out in a bucket with balls.

Mama decided that we had to take a break to rehydrate.
Check out my rosy cheeks!
Selfie in the bounce house. I was too busy to stop for
a picture.
Here are some videos from the bounce house.....
We had so much fun and would definitely love to go back again!

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