Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Cousin Christmas

Mallory and Logan (and Uncle Dave and Aunt Mica) came yesterday. We had a belated "Cousin Christmas" and got lots of pictures.....
Mallory and me.
Hayden lounging in his new Mickey chair.
Hayden was excited about presents.
We love our craft kits.
Mallory and I got rollerblades.
They make me really tall!
Testing them out with Daddy.
Yes, I am wearing shorts on December 26th! It was 70+ degrees!
Mama and Logan.
Uncle Dave and Aunt Mica got us a Zamboni tent.
Silly boys.
Applesauce break.
A picture with Nana.
Hayden sure loves Nana.
Hayden tried shoving a whole bunch of his ball pit
balls down his PJs.
He is such a silly boy!
Here are some videos from yesterday. This first one is of Hayden's escaping skills from his crib and the rest are of us opening presents.....

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