Sunday, November 29, 2015

Carolina Christmas

On Friday we went to the Speedway to see the Christmas lights. It's been Mama and Daddy's tradition ever since Ayla was born. Daddy gets to drive the car on the race track and there are lots of lights to see. They even have a little Santa's Village where there are lots of Christmas trees, a live nativity scene, a petting zoo and lots of other fun things to do. Ayla opted out of seeing Santa and said that she is going to write him a letter instead. Here are pictures from our evening......
Ayla was excited for the lights.
Oooh! Lights!
I wasn't really in the mood for pictures.
Feeding the animals.
Ayla got brave and put the food in her hand.
Since I love to do everything that Ayla does, I fed
the animals too.

Ayla helped me.
Mama took a video of us feeding the animals:
A picture with Mama.
We went on a train ride. I rode with Mama.
Ayla rode with Daddy.
Ayla got to jump in the bounce house. I wanted to jump
too and even started taking my shoes off but Mama wouldn't
let me.
Family picture time.
I'm a runner and Ayla had to grab me. Hee Hee!
The movie "Home Alone" was playing on the big screen.
Phew! That was exhausting!
Mama also took some videos.....

We stared putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend. We aren't finished but here is a sneak peek....

We are excited for our Advent calendars.

We put up a new tree in the dining room this year.

These are Mama and Aunt Michelle's advent calendars
from when they were little girls. I can't wait to see what
we find inside of them each day!

Since we will be doing a lot more fun activities during the Christmas season, stay tuned for more blogs. Sending hugs and kisses to all!!

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