Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day

Today we went to Jetton Park to meet up with Aubrey and Mattox and their Mama. We enjoyed walking around the park. Ayla and Aubrey collected leaves to make pictures and Mama even let me walk around for a little bit. Here are lots of pictures from our adventures in the park.


Picture time on the bench.
Time to walk.
I'm not too sure about this!
Thanks to Aubrey for that smile!
Selfie time with Mama.
So many leaves!
I insisted on putting on Mama's jacket. Hahaha!
Enjoying the swing on the playground.
Ayla and Aubrey really enjoyed playing on this.
Mama took a couple of videos of the girls playing....
What a fun day! I love being outside....I actually had a bit of a tantrum when Mama made me leave.
P.S. Wishing Aunt Michelle a very happy birthday!!! We love and miss you lots and lots!!

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