Sunday, November 8, 2015

5 Year Checkup

I had my 5 year checkup and the stats are in.......
41 lbs. 57%
3' 7" 58%
I was really nervous about going to the doctors office but I ended up being really brave. I did have to get my eyes checked and was a little too nervous to actually complete the chart (those pictures and letters are so silly looking) but I did pass my hearing test with flying colors (I guess there is no excuse and I need to listen to Daddy and Mama all of the time! HeeHee!) I only cried for a minute after my shot. I went first and Hayden watched. When I was done, he pulled his pant leg up and pointed to where he wanted his shot. Hahaha! The nurse said that she's been giving shots for 12 years and she's never seen that. Only crazy Hayden would ask for a shot. He did get one and Mama did too!
Being so brave!
Selfie time with Mama.
Hayden and me.
He is so silly!
On Thursday we went to Mama's school to help out with math night. Mama and another teacher watched the kids while the parents learned about the math curriculum. We got to watch a movie on the big promethean board and Hayden even got to watch Mickey Mouse on the iPad.
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I had a fever last week and Dr. Hayden decided to take
his own temperature. Haha!

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