Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!

Today I turned 5!!! Can you believe it? Mama and Daddy had an amazing party for me. It was Doc McStuffins themed and so much fun. So many people came to celebrate with me.....Pappy, BeBe, Nina (and her Mommy and Daddy), Aubrey and Maddox (and their Mommy and Daddy), Vihan and Mahip (and their Mommy), Lilly, Macy, and Riley (and their Mommy and Daddy).
Thanks for coming over and for all of the wonderful presents. Here are pictures and a video from the party.
Mama made a photo booth for the party. Here I am waiting for my friends.
My 1:19 picture.
My cupcake tower. Those are "band-aides" on the cupcakes.
The party favors that Mama made.
Photo booth fun.....
Cupcake time.
Hayden liked the vanilla wafers.
Family picture!

Time for presents.
Thank you!!!
A new movie!
It was impossible to get  a picture with all of the kids.
These were the ones that participated. Hee Hee!

Here is the video of everyone singing Happy Birthday. Thanks to Michele who started the tradition of taking the video and showing everyone who was at my party.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and celebrated with me and for everyone who called, Skyped, or sent me messages. Love you all!

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