Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun with Oma and Opa

We have had so much fun with Oma and Opa here! Yesterday we went to lunch at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and enjoyed some delicious German food. Today Mama, Oma, Hayden and I went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens AND a Pumpkin Patch. Mama took a day off from work so that we had an extra day to spend together. Here are tons of pictures from the past two days......
Lunch time.
We enjoyed playing outside.
Hayden enjoyed a sample of carrot cake at Walmart.
Enjoying walking around the gardens.
There were lots of fountains.
We enjoyed looking at all of the orchids and other plants
A picture with Mama.
There were so many pretty flowers.
Hayden was too busy running around to stay still for
a picture.
They had a children's garden with this cool carousel.
They also had this cool "cave" with a stars in the ceiling.
This was the BEST fountain.
You did get a little wet when you went underneath it.
A picture with some pumpkins.
We stopped for lunch at McAllister's Deli.
Hayride fun!
We went through a corn maze.
We had to find 6 different boxes to punch our card.
We found them all and I got a tattoo!
We took this picture just for Kai! We wish you could have been at the farm
with us today (Nora too, of course!)
They even had these cool firefighter costumes to dress
up in.
Fire fighter Hayden.
Ready to go get some pumpkins.
Mama and her two "pumpkins"
We ended the day by making spaetzle.
What a fun day! Tomorrow I get to show Oma and Opa my new classroom and then I get to spend the rest of the day with them.

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