Saturday, September 19, 2015

Update time!

Oh my! It's been a while since we've blogged. We've been busy now that school is back in full swing. We will try to be better and not wait so long to post pictures again. Here are the latest pictures.

Nana turned 88 on August 31st and Hayden and I made her a special present. The sunshines are our handprints and then Mama wrote the words to the song "You are my sunshine".
Here is the finished product.
Getting ready to surprise Nana.
Happy birthday, Nana!
She loved it!
Mama and I also made Nana a birthday cake.
Her hand is blurry in the picture because she was
sneaking an M&M. HeeHee!
Hayden snuck an M&M too!
Here is a video of me singing "You are my Sunshine" to Nana.
More recent pictures.....

Mm! Mm! Grilled chicken for dinner.
Cool guy, Hayden!
Yup! That's Hayden with no pants on and sitting in the toy box. Oh boy!
The band-aide on his leg is fake. He has a band-aide
obsession just like I do.
I can be silly too....sitting in Hayden's stroller.
Mm! Salmon!
Hayden loves it too.
Going for a walk with my BFF Aubrey.
Having fun on the playground in our neighborhood.
Hanging out with our friends.
Mama and Hayden! Cheese!
We walked to the front of our neighborhood and got
our picture taken by the flowers. Hayden didn't really feel
like it.
My first day of Pre-K.
I love school and my teachers!
Mama and I took a picture together before she left for work.
I take my new water bottle from Germany to lunch with me every day.
Sleeping Hayden.
Mama loves to braid my hair and experiment with
new styles.
Mama came across this picture of me and had to do a side by side comparison.
Snuggling in my horse towel from Great Aunt Petra.
This is how Pappy and Hayden watch TV!
Sometimes I still like to help feed Hayden.
Hayden loves to look at his photo albums.
Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all!!!

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