Saturday, August 29, 2015

Second Spartan Kid Run

Today Daddy, Mama and I went to Black Mountain (near Asheville) to go run another Spartan race. Daddy completed the Spartan Super - 8.5 miles and 28 obstacles! Go Daddy!! I did the kid run again. This time Mama ran with me and Daddy was the photographer. He had to save all of his energy for his race because he started after I was done. I did a great job but did not like the part with the mud again. It's really sticky on the bottom when I jump in. Here are the pictures from my race.
Sleeping on the way there....I had to rest up!
This is the course map. The orange part is the kid run and the blue
is the part that Daddy completed. Wow!
Daddy and me
My "Spartan Face"

Mama did a comparison picture.

Excited to run!
Stretching with Daddy
Mama and me.
We had to climb a wall to start the race.
Oooh! Using my muscles.
Climbing more walls.
The mud pits.... least favorite part.
Throwing the "spear". I missed and had to do 5 burpees.
Those walls are tough!
I made it!
Crawling through an obstacle.
The final stretch!
I see the finish line!
All done!
Signing my name on the Spartan wall.
Check out those mountains in the background.
Daddy had to go up one of them!
Our "after" the race picture.
Silly Hayden wanted in on some Spartan fun too.
It was a long but fun day. I am now a proud owner of two Spartan medals!

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