Saturday, August 29, 2015

Open House and the Latest Pictures

Yesterday we went to my school to meet my teachers that I will have this year. This year I will be in Ms. Peg and Ms. Kerry's class. I even saw some familiar names on the bulletin board in the classroom so I'll have some friends that I already know in my class. I'm also excited to meet my new friends and am especially excited about my new teachers!
A picture with Hayden before Open House
Ready to go and meet my new teachers.
Ms. Kerry and me
Ms. Peg and me
The classroom bulletin board.
Do you recognize the name above mine?
Mama and Daddy are back at work so we have been busy getting back into a routine. Here are the latest pictures that we haven't had a chance to post on the blog yet......
This is my "magic towel" that Great Aunt Petra gave
me in Germany.
I put it into water.....
....and it turned into a horse towel.
Using our Aldi bag that Aunt Michelle bought us in
Germany here at our Aldi.
Sibling love! (It does happen on occasion...haha!)
Hanging out with Nina.
Mama and Hayden.
That face!!
Rainy day crafts with our present from Aunt Michelle.
Testing out our new towels.
Mama did this year comparison of Hayden. Look at how much he has changed!
Apparently Wednesday was National Dog Day....we love Sidney
(and all that she puts up with!)

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