Sunday, August 16, 2015

Germany Day 9 - Family Photo Shoot (attempted...haha)

August 11th - We spent the morning at Kai and Nora's house again and then headed to Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house. We were going to attempt to take pictures with Oma and Opa and the four grandkids with Bleialf in the background but none of the kids were really in the mood for that. Oopsie! Below are pictures from the day and our attempted photo shoot....

Ayla got her picture taken with the garden gnome in
Kai and Nora's backyard.

Mama wanted me to get my picture taken too but I really didn't want to.

Fun at the playground near Kai and Nora's house.

Ready to go down the slide with Kai.

Swinging with Kai

Kisses from Kai

We went inside of the church.

Isn't it beautiful?

Checking out the statues in the church.

Time for more fresh milk.

The big kids got to push the buttons. I watched.

Nora, Ayla, and Kai showing off their milk containers.

Aunt Michelle got Ayla a really cool art toy.
Mama and Kai did some sand art.
Oma Waltraud made delicious strawberry tarts.
I was about to jump on the table to get one. Hee Hee!
Ayla and Tabitha doing some art.
This was supposed to be the background for our photo shoot.
Checking out the view.
It was very windy so Ayla was pretending to fly.
Catch me if you can!
Kisses from Sabine
Kai and Ayla
Mama and Kai
We went for another walk through the tunnel.
Mama let me walk for a little while and I held
Oma Waltraud's hand.
Ayla and Kai were being silly with clothespins.
Going for a stroll with Kai.

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