Sunday, August 16, 2015

Germany Day 8 - Visiting a Farm and Kirmes Fun!

August 10th - This was a busy day! After lunch we went to visit Kai's friend's farm where we got to see lots of cows, chicks, and baby calves. Afterwards Mama, Aunt Michelle, Kai, Nora, and I went to Pruem where there was a Kirmes (kindof like a little fair). Hayden stayed with Oma. We got to ride on two rides and Mama bought us gingerbread hearts. We also did some shopping and I went to a German Aldi. I noticed that it was a lot different than our Aldi here. Aunt Michelle even let each of us kids get a fresh pretzel from this really cool machine. Here are lots of pictures from the day.....
This is where Kai and Nora go to Kindergarten.
Checking out the cows.
There were lots of them!
Hello their cows!
Baby chicks
A baby calf
I really wanted to pet them but they were a little shy.
Oma helped me feed one some hay so that I could pet it.
Mama wanted a picture.....Hayden did not!
Mama and me.
Nora and Hayden were holding hands.
Cousin love!

Hayden watching TV on Nora's lap.;.
Hayden and Nora....this is a true picture of their
personalities...oh my!!
The big kids ready to go to Pruem.

Carousel #1
The first time we all rode together on the blue plane.
The next time I went in the police car.

We also went on a ride that we could control and go
up and down.
A picture with our gingerbread hearts.
Getting pretzels at Aldi
Shopping fun!
This is how Kai fell asleep. HeeHee!
Phew! That was exhausting!
I spent the night at Kai and Nora's house,
I slept in the bottom part of Kai's bunk bed.
Oma slept with Kai on the top bunk!

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