Sunday, August 16, 2015

Germany Day 7 - Fresh Milk

August 9th - Petra, Micka, Max, Thilo, and Leonie came to visit. We enjoyed spending the day with them and had lots of fun with Max, Thilo and Leonie riding down the hill at Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house again.

Swinging with Ayla
Ayla playing at the Market Place.
Ayla, Kai, and Nora had fun running through the fountain.
We stopped to get fresh milk....straight from the cow
to this machine!
Kai testing it out.
Ayla excited to try some.
Nora liked it too.
We went for a walk through an old train tunnel.
It was cold and dark in there but so much fun.
Picture time.
Petra, Ayla and Philipp.
Don't worry, that beer is not Ayla's. Philipp put in
her hand....silly guy!
Leonie and Max had to try out riding down the hill too.
Philipp joined in on the fun too. I liked riding down with Leonie.
Of course, Mama took a video of the fun:

Max was so great and kept pushing us back up the hill
so we didn't have to work hard at all.
Nora was a great helper and pushed me on the swing.
Mama recorded Nora pushing me on the swing:
Mama also recorded one video in slow motion...not sure if it will post correctly, but either way it's fun!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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