Sunday, August 16, 2015

Germany Day 5 - Great Grandkids Photo Shoot

August 7th - This was another fun filled day playing with Kai, Nora, Jana, and Emilia. Since this was the first time that all of the great grandkids were together we decided to do a photo shoot and surprisingly we all cooperated! It was another beautiful day so we enjoyed splashing in the pool and playing on the super cool swing at Kai and Nora's house. We stayed up late (well, who am I kidding....we stayed up late every night) and Mama made us glow in the dark bracelets that we had brought over. Jana spent the night at Kai and Nora's and Hayden got to watch "Finding Nemo" in German. I slept with Oma at Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house again. Here are pictures from the day....
Hayden loved Nora's vacuum cleaner.
Hayden enjoyed some alone time at Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house
while the rest of us played at Kai and Nora's.
Beep! Beep!
Playing with water balloons
The boys in the pool. 
Jana and me.
Hayden and Emilia
Great grandkids photo shoot.
Hayden and me with our Uropa and Uroma
Hayden enjoying Kai and Nora's swing

Swinging with Jana
Here is a video of us swinging. The swing can go super high!!

Mama brought over "dipping sticks" with Minnie mouse on them.
All of the kids enjoyed them.
Hayden even got to try a little bit.
Hayden wearing Philipp's glasses. Haha!!
Glow stick bracelets.
Watching "Finding Nemo". Kai was already in bed.
Another fun filled day in Germany!

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