Saturday, August 15, 2015

Germany Day 3 - Hanging out with Kai and Nora

August 5th - This was a relaxing day. We spent most of the day at Kai and Nora's house and went to Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house in the afternoon.
Trying "edible paper".
Mm! Mm! Strawberry flavored.
Cousins enjoying a snack outside.
The  boys.
The girls.

Having fun in Kai and Nora's playhouse.

Yup! That's Hayden in Nora's baby doll stroller. Haha!

Lunch time outside. Poor Oma had to sit at the little table with us because
we all wanted to sit by her.

Another attempt at a cousin picture. Haha!

Hayden and Opa Richard
Peek - a - boo!
Here are two more videos of us having fun riding down the hill. The first one is of Hayden and me. The second one is of Mama and Aunt Michelle. You can hear me saying "I think I got it." at the end of the video. Hahaha!

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