Saturday, August 15, 2015

Germany Day 2 - Fun with Family

August 4th - After getting a good night's sleep. Oma and I headed over to Kai and Nora's house (I slept with Oma almost every night at Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house). We had fun playing together and then headed back to Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house for a little bit. Here are lots of pictures from day 2.....
Checking out Kai's bunk bed.

Hayden had fun too.

Nora and me.
An attempt at the first "cousin picture"
Hayden and Nora

Lunch time!

The girls sat together on one side.

The boys sat together on the other side.
Check out our awesome new towels from the
Hoffmann family.


Singing Karaoke with Kai
Walking to Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house.
If you look closely, you can see a baby calf in the background.
Silly aunt Michelle
Doing a puzzle with Oma Waltraud
Picking berries with Oma and Nora
Sharing some berries with Laura.
Kai and Hayden enjoyed playing together.
Mm! Mm! Hayden loved German bologna.
We had fun riding a little cart down the hill at Oma Waltraud and Opa Richard's house (stay tuned for more blogs where we are riding down the hill on little cars. Haha!)

Nora and Hayden snuggle time.
Silly cousins

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