Saturday, August 15, 2015

Germany Day 1- World Wide Travelers

On August 1st Oma and Opa drove to our house. We celebrated Opa's birthday together.
We were so excited to see them.
Opa's birthday dinner

We helped Opa blow out his birthday candles. Mama only had two car
candles. HeeHee!

On August 2nd we headed to Germany. It was my first international flight. Mama prepared a lot of activities for me for the  plane. I did some but there was just so much to see. I was fussy on the plane a few times, but overall, I was really good. Even though it was an overnight flight, I decided that I would fight sleep. I finally fell asleep after one of the flight attendants gave Mama her personal (brand new) sleep mask to try. She put it on me and I was sleeping in seconds!

Breakfast before our big traveling day.

So excited!!

At the airport ready to go.

Waiting for our first flight.
Hanging out with Opa on the plane.
Ayla and Oma
Checking out what's going on outside.

Phew! That flight was exhausting!

I loved looking out at the workers while waiting for
the plane to leave.

Ayla is a great traveler!

Mama and Ayla selfie

Thank goodness that the plane had personal TVs for
everyone and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was one of the

Mmm! Ice cream!

Playing with stickers with Oma.

It's a really dark picture but you can kind of see
my sleep mask.

This was when I FINALLY fell asleep.

Ayla and Opa Richard
My first passport stamp!

Phew! Traveling is exhausting!

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