Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Update Pictures

Here are the most recent pictures for our favorite followers. Smooch!!
Sometimes Ayla let me snuggle in bed with her and
listen to stories that Mama reads.
We went to story/music time at the library on Tuesday.
I had so much fun!
We plan on going back every Tuesday.
Do you see Ayla doing yoga? She's in the teal outfit
with the pink shoes. I am too much of a wiggle worm
to sit still for yoga!
We even got to play with the parachute.
At the end the parents moved the parachute up and down
and we got to lay underneath it.
Here are also two videos that Mama took at the library.

Here's Ayla on the nature trail in our neighborhood.
Pool time!
Staying hydrated in this hot weather!
Check out the salad that Ayla had for lunch one day.
In true Pittsburgh fashion it had chicken and french
fries on it!

On Thursday we went to the White Water Center to enjoy the music. We met Nina and her Mommy and Daddy there and we had lots of fun climbing on the rocks in the kid's rock climbing section.
Ayla made it to the top. That's actually the small one.
She climbed to the top of the other one too.
Mama bought us some ice cream!
Just enjoying the view.
I made it to the top!
Hanging out with Nina.
She had a pretty tight grip on me. Haha!
Here is a video of me climbing on the rocks. I was fearless! I actually did make it to the top but Mama's phone ran out of storage and the video cut off.

On Friday we went to Ted and Amy's house to go swimming and have dinner. Mama didn't take a lot of pictures but here is one of Lisa and me with matching sunglasses. Hee Hee!

Fourth of July pool fun!
Ahh! So relaxing!

I am a water bug!
Nina splashed in the pool with me too.
Hanging out with Nana.
Mama took a selfie with all of the kids. Haha!
We took a family picture with the timer when we got home.
Mama and me.
Those were some fireworks in our neighborhood.
I didn't see them because I was already sleeping.
Ayla loved watching them with Daddy.
Ice cream break today.

Stay tuned for more summer pictures. Sending hugs and kisses to all!

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