Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Movie and Fun with Friends

On Friday Mama took me to see my first movie. We saw "Minions" and I really enjoyed it. Mama got lemonade, popcorn, and Minions candy. Of course she had to document this occasion with a few pictures.
A picture in front of the movie poster.
A great photo opportunity at the movie theater.
We went back to story time and Barnes and Noble and they read one of my favorite books, The Pout Pout Fish.
Hayden and me.
Making my Pout Pout Fish craft.
Mm! Mm! We got another Starbucks treat.
Hayden had to inspect his first.
Taste testing.
Yup! Good to go.
Hayden is  as fearless and crazy as ever....
Testing out my puddle jumper.
Lately Hayden has been enjoying wearing my bike
helmet. See the videos below to see how crazy he is.
Here are some funny videos.

We are still enjoying going to story time at the library on Tuesdays.
I really enjoy participating in all of the activities now.
Here is a video of me going on my "bear hunt".

Yesterday we went swimming at the Mehall's. It's always so much fun hanging out and playing with Aubrey and now Maddox too!
Enjoying some pool time.
Hayden tested out swim floats with his vest.
"Swimming" on his own again.
Testing out the doggy float.
Silly Hayden and Maddox
Aubrey and I rode our bikes.
Mm! Mm!
I am loving going on bike rides.
This morning I rode 2 miles in our neighborhood!!
Mama took me to the dollar store to buy goggles.
I'm getting brave and like to swim with my head in the water.
Stay tuned for videos.
We went to the White Water Center to take a walk today.
Hayden and I enjoyed the rock wall afterwards.
Phew! We sure are keeping busy!

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