Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Lost Tooth!!!

This deserves it's very own blog...yesterday I lost my very first tooth!!! I woke up yesterday morning and told Mama that my tooth felt funny. She told me to go brush my teeth. When I got back into the room I told her my tooth was wiggly. She felt it and sure enough it was! Little did she know I was determined to get it out and kept wiggling it landed on my tongue and then I gave it to Mama.
My new toothless smile.
Mama put my tooth in a baggie.
Here's my tooth.
I was so happy about my tooth.
Ironically my cousin Mallory also lost her first tooth yesterday and it was the same one that I lost!!
Of course, I was very excited for the Tooth Fairy to come and she did!
I got a note and she let me keep my first lost tooth. I also got 5 $1 coins.

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