Friday, July 10, 2015

18 Months Stats and other Shenanigans

Here are our latest shenanigans as well as my 18 months stats from my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Can you believe it? 18 months?!? We've been keeping ourselves busy and here are some of our latest pictures....

Yup! I got myself stuck in the step stool.
Mama thought it was very funny and decided to take a
picture of me before helping me out.
Story time again. I was still for about 2 seconds for some yoga before I decided
it was more fun to run around with the bean bag. HeeHee!
18 month check up stats:
Weight: 26 lbs. (11.7 kg.) - 74%
Height:33 in. (83.8 cm) - 69%
Head circumference: 18.7 in. (47.5 cm.) - 53%
Hanging out with Mama at the doctor's office.
This smile was before my 3 shots. I cried this time.
We went to Nina's house on Tuesday and enjoyed hanging out and playing with her.
Just hanging out.

We love when Mama switches her camera to "selfie"
mode and we can see ourselves.

We had fun playing in the sprinkler.

Here is a video of us playing in the sprinkler.

Playing in the water table at home.
Here is a video that shows how crazy I am. Hee Hee! I was jumping on the furniture.

Mama snuggles!

Ayla and Mama snuggles.

Snuggles with Ayla.

Ayla is letting me use her Cheerios book and is teaching
me where to put the Cheerios before I eat them all!

Yesterday we went to the playground near Mama's school.

We went to the middle school track to get some energy out.
Here is a video of us on the track and two videos of Ayla playing on one of the obstacles on the playground.

You can't turn your back on me for a second.

Mmm! current favorite!

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