Monday, June 29, 2015

Visiting Oma and Opa - Day 2

On Tuesday Oma had to work. Toni, Dani, Tara, and Reagan came over to play in the morning. When Oma came home, we took a nice long walk to the park. Here are lots of pictures from our second day.
Good morning!
Enjoying the nice weather.
I love hanging out with Dani.
Eating the flowers on Oma's flower bush (it's safe, I promise).
Oma even made delicious juice from them.
Do you see Hayden?
All of us hanging out in the pool.
Snack time! We all love veggie straws.
Playing with all of Aunt Michelle and Mama's old toys.
Tea party time while Hayden naps.
Reagan and Hayden.
Photo opportunity with 4 cuties!

Twins? Hee Hee!
Of course, I had to make noodles with Oma.

Taste testing

Hanging out at Oma and Opa's sure does make you tired!
Fun on the playground.

Hayden loved the swings!
Swinging with Oma.
I still fit into the baby swing. I tried because I wanted to swing with
Hayden and Oma.
What a busy and fun day! Stay tuned for day 3.....

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