Sunday, June 7, 2015

Movies in the Park

On Friday Mama surprised me with Movies in the Park. Not only was it a surprise that we went to the park to see "Big Hero 6" but the best part of the surprise was that we met Vihan and his family there. His Mama called my Mama earlier that day and invited us. I was so excited to see him and we had a great time playing together at the park before the movie started and then enjoyed lots of snacks during the movie. Of course, Mama took some pictures.....
Enjoying some popcorn.
Check out the big movie screen that they set up in the park.
Enjoying the playground.
Look at how strong we are!
Cheese! We had so much fun!
Yesterday we went swimming at Nina's pool. We enjoyed playing in the kiddy pool but also liked the big pool.
Having fun splashing around.
Hayden loves his float.
Snack time.
Mmm! Mmm!
After the pool we went back to Nina's house to play. It was the perfect day to play outside in the back yard.
I caught a bubble!
The Ottos have these really cool chairs!
Nina and me.
Mama put her phone on "selfie" mode and the three of us had a great time posing for pictures.
I've also been practicing writing a lot of names. I started off my writing Hayden all by myself and then started writing more. I can write the following names on my own: Hayden, Ayla, Mama, Daddy,  Oma, Opa, and cat. Mama told me how to spell the rest of the names.

Here are the latest random pictures that Mama has taken.
Silly, silly boy!
Mama and Daddy went on a boat cruise where the theme was a
"1920s Soiree"
I got myself ready for "school".
I got Hayden ready for "school" too.
Who wore it best? Hee Hee!
Couch snuggles with Hayden and baby.
I let Hayden sleep with baby.
When are we going to the pool, Mama?
Mama and Daddy have 4 more days left with the kids and then one more teacher workday. We can't wait for summer time!!

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