Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charlotte Symphony

Yesterday Mama and I went to see the Charlotte Symphony at the McGuire Nuclear Plant. Vihan's mom sent us a message to see if we wanted to meet them there so we did. I had a lot of fun playing with Vihan and listening to the music. The theme for the night was movie and TV songs. We had a great time!
Ready to go to the symphony.
Hayden stayed home with Daddy so Mama took a selfie
with him before we left.
It was right on Lake Norman and so pretty!!
Our view from where we were sitting.
Playing soccer with Vihan.
So silly!

Mama and me!

More soccer fun with Vihan.

Check out this cool butterfly bench!
We got fans because it was so hot.
Me, Vihan and his big brother.

Here are lots of videos that Mama took. Do you recognize the songs?

We also want to wish Oma Waltraud a very happy birthday! We wish we were there to celebrate but we will see you in August!

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