Sunday, June 14, 2015

Carowinds Fun

Today we went to Carowinds to enjoy the water park because it was hot!! I did go on my first ride outside of "Snoopy Land" today. I went on the Boo Blasters ride with Daddy and had so much fun! I  also enjoyed the Lazy River and I was really brave and went into the wave pool with Daddy. Here are some pictures from today.
We got there so early that we had to wait for most of
the park to open. Mama took our picture in front of the dinosaur.
Carousel Time!
Hayden and Mama selfie.
Aubrey and me.
The boys!
Aubrey and me in front of the Boo Blasters ride.
Just hanging out by the pool.
Splashing in the pool.
Aubrey and I waited in line to go down the big slide.
Do you see us?
A closer view.
Happy boy!
Weee! Going down the big slide!
Hayden loves to eat.
Relaxing and enjoying the view.
Aubrey and I went down this water slide with our daddies.

When we got home, Mama made pizza dough and later on I got to make my pizza and Hayden's. I got to do everything!
Rolling out the dough....
...adding some olive oil....
Next comes the sauce....
....and then some cheese.
My finished products (before we baked them).
Hayden kept trying to eat everything before we put them in the oven. Hahaha!
I made my pizza look like a "flower".
We had such a fun day and I love having Mama and Daddy home for the summer! Stay tuned for lots more blogs.

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