Monday, May 4, 2015

Strawberry Festival

On Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival with Courtney. It was very busy and we had to park at the high school and take a school bus over to the festival. That was my favorite part! I also liked the strawberry lemonade and strawberry shortcake that Mama got for us to try. Unfortunately the lines for the rides were way too long! Mama promised me a trip to Carowinds soon.
Riding on the bus to the Strawberry Festival.
I loved it!
Strawberry Shortcake! Mm! Mm! Mm!
Strawberry faces!
That's not even half of the Festival. Look at how busy it was!
Selfie with Mama on the bus back to the car.
We also realized we got a little behind with posting pictures. Here are some pictures of when Aubrey came last weekend and all of the other most recent pictures.
Dinner time with Aubrey.
Lindsey brought cupcakes for dessert!
Hayden was fascinated with Maddox!
Best friends!
We love our little brothers.

Hayden is trying to make his escape!
A bowl of Cheerios is not enough for Hayden.
He needs the whole bag! Haha!
Here I am reading my book that Mama made me at school.
Buying flowers at Lowe's for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Beep! Beep!
We continued our shopping in a big cart at Walmart.
Presents for my teachers.
Testing out our towels from Great Aunt Donna.
HeeHee! We love them!
We are loving the nice weather we have had.
Bath time fun.
Mama found this website that guesses
your age just by looking at the picture.
She especially loved the ages that this
picture got.
Hayden tried corn on the cob.
He liked it!
Mm! Mm!
Like father, like son.

Hayden enjoyed sharing some dessert with Nana.
He kept going back for more. HeeHee!
Hanging out with Great Aunt Kathie and Great Uncle Dan.

We love North Carolina weather! Yesterday it was warm enough to play in the little pool that BeBe and Pappy got for this summer.
Ready to go play in the pool!
Hayden was excited too.
Look at how fun this pool is!

I enjoyed "swimming" in the pool.
Hayden played some basketball.
I helped Pappy water his garden.
Don't mess with Hayden when he is eating his chips.
Messy boy!
I taught Hayden how to water the garden too.
Great Uncle Dan made steak and Hayden tried some.
He LOVED it and liked the mushrooms too!
Handsome boy.
Great Aunt Kathie bought little cupcakes for us.
Snuggling with my brother.
Here are also some videos of me practicing my songs from school and singing "You are my Sunshine" with Nana.
Here is also one video of my practicing my reading. Mama made some books at school for me and I like trying to read them.
Oh! We almost forgot to add these pictures. BeBe and Pappy took Hayden to get his second hair cut and there are also a few more cute pictures that Pappy took and sent to Mama.
Shopping at Lowe's with Pappy.
Enjoying the swing at BeBe and Pappy's.
Hair cut time!
Phew! What a long blog. I hope you enjoyed all of our pictures. Love and miss you all!

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