Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Performance

Today was my Spring Concert at school. Mama, Hayden, BeBe and Pappy came to see me sing.
Ms. Rima introducing our class.
Ready to sing.
Do you see me behind the boy in the bright green shirt?
A picture with Vihan.
Comparison picture from our Christmas Concert and our Spring Concert.
A picture with my teachers.
I loved them so much and had a great school year!
Here are the videos from my performance at school today....

The teachers put together a slideshow with lots and lots of pictures. Mama didn't record the whole thing but if you watch it, there is one picture of Vihan and me. Most of the other pictures that I was in later on also included Vihan. I'm super excited because our Mamas exchanged phone numbers today and we plan on have some play dates this summer!
Here are also the last couple of pictures we took with Mallory and Logan.
Mallory and I got "matching" tattoos with Mama.
Pool time!
Hayden is wearing his regular clothes because he just decided to get in. Haha!
We had so much fun!
Logan and Hayden.
Silly boys!
A picture with Pappy and his granddaughters.
Hayden and Pappy.
Pappy and his grandsons.

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