Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

We had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day today. We spent a lot of the morning outside and Mama set up the water table for us. I also enjoyed running through the sprinkler today.
Just lounging outside.
Mama tried out the panorama option on her phone.
Mama set up the water table for us today.
Panorama of our tall trees!
Enjoying lunch outside.
Silly Hayden decided that he wanted to sit in the water table!
Fun in the sprinkler!
Mama's view for most of the morning.
Taking a break for a chocolate pudding pop.
Don't mess with Hayden's pudding pop!
Mm! Mm! Chocolate pudding pop!
Hayden climbed back into the water table with his
clothes on after his nap. Silly boy!
Here are also some videos from today....
Happy Memorial Day to all!

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