Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Cookout

Yesterday we went to BeBe and Pappy's house for a cookout for Memorial Day. The Ottos came over too so I got to play with Nina. Here are some pictures from our day.....
Hayden started the morning off my "reading" the cereal box.
Pool time!
Hayden is so silly!
Mama and Hayden selfie.
Taking a break from swimming to enjoy a snack.
Hayden loves Nana!
Mama and me.
Playing in the pool with Nina.
We invented a game where we would roll on the balls and fall into the water.
Nina and Hayden went for a walk to go see the horses.
Hayden and Nina liked playing in the cottage.
Nina and me.
Another picture with Mama.
Three amigos on the swing!
Goofy Hayden playing on the corn hole boards.

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