Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday we went up to Statesville to go swimming with the Mehalls.We had fun swimming in their pool and playing outside. We even went to see Aubrey and Maddox's Nonna and PapPap and got to roast marshmallows! What a fun day!

Our first swim in a big pool this swim season.
Aubrey and Ayla
Mama and me.
Hanging out with Daddy.
Ayla and me.
The daddies
Smooches from Ayla.
Selfie with Mama.
Taking a break to eat a snack.
Don't I look stylish in my vest and water shoes?
Mmmm! Fresh fruit!
The daddies and their boys.
Best friends.

I got to try a marshmallow.
All that fun sure was tiring!
Phew! What an exhausting day!
Here are two videos that Mama took. We had a lot of fun with water balloons, especially the girls who tried to beat the daddies in a water balloon fight.

Thanks for a fun day, Mehalls! We can't wait to hang out again!

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