Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fun in the Sun and other Shenanigans

We had gorgeous weather this weekend so we took advantage and went to our neighborhood pool twice...yesterday and today. I really love the pool when I am in my float and Hayden seems to really enjoy it too. Mama took lots of pictures.....
Ready to go swimming.
Hayden is too!
I love my float.
Hayden likes his whale float.
Hanging out in the kiddy pool during adult swim.
Hayden likes to chew on his float.

So relaxed!
Swimming day 2:
Looking cool in our shades.
Snack time.

This is what Mama saw when she checked on us while she was making
dinner. We do have our sweet moments occasionally. Hee Hee!
Other shenanigans:
Hayden hanging out in just his diaper at BeBe
and Pappy's house.
Mama set up the water table for us on Friday and we
both decided to use it as a pool. Haha!

This picture captures crazy Hayden perfectly.

Hayden loves to snuggle with his blanket.
Those lashes and those cheeks!
Good morning!
Here are the latest videos that Mama has taken:
Here is Hayden enjoying some Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips. That boy LOVES to eat!
Here is a video of us swimming in the kiddy pool:

Here I am singing a song in German. Mama and I sing German songs every night at bedtime:
Oh, the Shenanigans that Hayden and I get into together. Today we had "stroller races". Hahaha!
What a fun weekend! We can't wait until Mama and Daddy are done with school and are home with us every day. Oh, the shenanigans we can get into! Hee Hee!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Catching Up With Friends

Yesterday we got to catch up with some friends that we haven't seen in a long time....the Brangs! You may remember Carson from lots of blog posts when I was little. Our Mamas worked together and we used to love having play dates. They moved back to Michigan so we don't get to see them a lot anymore. They were driving home from a trip to Florida and stopped at our friend Cali's house (well, her Mama and Daddy's house). We haven't seen Cali in a while either so it was a double treat! Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Carson and me.
Mama did a comparison picture of the two of us.
We all enjoyed playing together.
Group picture time!

I tried taking a picture of Mama, Ingrid, and Megan. Hee Hee!
The boys.

Playing with Laney.

Phew! Playing with friends is exhausting!
It was great seeing the Brangs and thank you to the Orlofskys for inviting us over to play at their house!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

We had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day today. We spent a lot of the morning outside and Mama set up the water table for us. I also enjoyed running through the sprinkler today.
Just lounging outside.
Mama tried out the panorama option on her phone.
Mama set up the water table for us today.
Panorama of our tall trees!
Enjoying lunch outside.
Silly Hayden decided that he wanted to sit in the water table!
Fun in the sprinkler!
Mama's view for most of the morning.
Taking a break for a chocolate pudding pop.
Don't mess with Hayden's pudding pop!
Mm! Mm! Chocolate pudding pop!
Hayden climbed back into the water table with his
clothes on after his nap. Silly boy!
Here are also some videos from today....
Happy Memorial Day to all!