Friday, April 17, 2015

The Most Recent Pictures

Here are the latest pictures of us that Mama took within the last week. Enjoy!
This is us before our trip back home after visiting
Oma and Opa.
I was nice and snugly with my new blanket from Oma.
Hayden snuggled with his blanket.
At a rest stop somewhere on 19.
Hayden loves his blanket.

We went to get ice cream after my Spartan run last week.
I got to choose my own toppings...gummy worms and M&Ms
Nina and her Mommy and Daddy met us for ice cream.
We had fun pushing Hayden around.
Hayden and Mama snuggles.
I was so tired after my race and I insisted on sleeping in my new shirt.
Hayden wanted to try on my headband too.
I cleaned off Daddy's and my shoes after the race.
They were muddy!!
Hayden enjoyed the last of Oma's homemade noodles
Selfie with Mama.
Oh what a difference a year makes!
Mama made these two photo collages from my race.
This one has a picture of me in the mud.
Hayden is officially facing the front in the car.
Hayden was testing out his new raincoat.
Enjoying a little snack.
It was German week at Aldi and I love the peanut puffs.
Hayden got his passport in the mail.
Oh what a different 4 years makes!
Ready to watch the Penguins with Daddy.
Hayden was too.
Daddy and me.

Everyone survived their first week back to our normal routine after being off for a week for Spring Break. It's not too much longer until Summer time. Yay!
Stay tuned for more blogs. Sending hugs and kisses to all!

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