Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spartan Kid Run

Today I did my first Spartan Kid Run. I've been "training for a while" and today was finally the day! Daddy and Pappy did their race early this morning and Mama and I met them so that I could do my race at 11:30. Mama took a bunch of pictures and videos. There were a few moments where I wasn't so sure about it (like when I went in the cold muddy water), but overall I had a great time and can't wait to do it again in two weeks when I do the "Tadpole" race.
Ready to go!
A picture with Daddy and Pappy right after they
finished their race.
I got a headband with my number on it.
This is my "mean face".
Ready to race.
Waiting with Daddy and Pappy.
Selfie with Mama
Selfie with Mama and Daddy
Spartan Kids
Warming up before the race.
Push ups

Listening to the instructions.
One of the obstacles.
Climbing through the window.
Daddy ran most of the race with me.
Pappy was there too!
Check out this big pile of dirt I climbed up!
I had to slide down on my bottom.
Learning how to throw a "spear"
Oohh! Mud!
Getting my medal at the finish line.
All done!
I got water, a banana, and a granola bar at the end.
Daddy, Pappy and me with our medals.
My "after the race" picture.
An "after" picture with Daddy and Pappy.
I wrote my name on the wall.

Do you see it?
Phew! That was exhausting!
All clean and so proud of my medal.
Hayden wore Pappy's medal for a little bit.
We both got to show off "our" medals.

Here are several short video clips from today.....
***Note: That is not Mama screaming in the background in the videos. :-)
What a fun and busy day! Stay tuned for my next race in two weeks!

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