Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oma and Opa's- Day 4

What another fun day! We went to Dani's house today to eat lunch and play. Her cousin Evy was there and we had a lot of fun together. Mama went shopping this afternoon and bought Opa a little portable DVD player, so we tested it out in the tent tonight. That's where Oma and I are sleeping tonight too!!
We decided to have a picnic.
We also dressed up. I was Anna again!
Candy time! Dani called it our "Power Up"
Wiggle worm Hayden never sits still for a picture.
In the tent at Oma and Opa's.
We pretended to sleep.
Hayden really did sleep in the car for a bit.
Mama bought me a new Pirate's shirt when she
went shopping.
Hayden got one too!

A picture with Oma and Opa.

A picture with Mama too.
Movie time in the tent.

Here is a video of me on Dani's tire swing....
We have been super busy and have had a great time here. Tomorrow we head back home to see Daddy!

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