Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oma and Opa's - Day 2

Phew! We had another busy day! This morning we went to South Hill Village Mall. I even walked for a little bit holding Ayla and Opa's hands. Ayla and I each got to pick out one thing at the Disney store and we got new cups. I got an Olaf cup and Ayla got a cup with Anna and Elsa on it. We also enjoyed lunch at Red Robin. This afternoon, Tara and Reagan came over to play. It was fun having a friend my size. Here are more pictures and a video from our visit so far.......

Walking in the mall.
Enjoying lunch at Red Robin.
Mama got me a balloon to keep me distracted.
I liked waving it around.
Ayla with Oma and Opa.
Shopping is exhausting!

We went to pick up Reagan and her Mommy.
Giddy up!
I love Aunt Michelle's big Diddle mouse!
Just hanging out.
He makes a great pillow!
A picture with Ayla and Reagan.

Hanging out with Reagan on the steps.
We loved eating veggie straws.

Opa kept getting us more and more! Mm! Mm!
Oma had a heaving load of laundry!
You can't see it, but Oma is sitting in the laundry
basket too!
We had to get the bigger basket so Reagan could
join in on the fun.
She wasn't so sure about it.
Snuggling in bed with Oma and Opa before bed time.
Well, not so much snuggling....maybe more playing.
We made up a game called "Laundry". We sat in laundry baskets and Oma took us for a ride.
Hee Hee!
Stay tuned for lots more pictures....

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